Office Space in the Korea Institute for Doctoral Students (GSAs)

For AY22-23, provisionally dependent upon continuing Harvard University guidance.
Date of Deadline: Friday, April 22, 2022

The Korea Institute (KI) is pleased to announce that the various Asia-related centers will again make a limited amount of office space available to doctoral students in the CGIS-South Building in 2022-23, provisionally dependent upon Harvard University guidance. The KI has four carrels (subject to change) to make available from September 1 to students whose work focuses on Korea. If you are interested, please email your application in by Friday, April 22, 2022.

*Students currently occupying a KI GSA desk must re-apply for a consecutive year.*

The carrels are in a shared office situation (shared with other doctoral students whose work deals with other parts of Asia).  The spaces have ethernet and wireless access. Our primary aim is to provide space to those who need it for the full academic year, but we will consider requests for one semester. Because the available space is extremely limited, do not consider applying unless you expect to be a regular user of the space (minimum two days per week).

Those who are offered KI space will be designated as Graduate Student Associates (GSAs) of the Korea Institute. They will be encouraged to attend the Korea Colloquium and other events when the topic relates to their intellectual interests and will be invited to various KI functions. The Institute stands ready to facilitate (e.g., a meeting room for discussion) if those selected wish to meet periodically with other graduate students housed in the Asia centers to discuss one another’s work in progress, or to form other such groups on particular themes for that purpose. In other words, the group formed would not have to be limited to those with an Asia interest; and indeed, students are encouraged to think creatively if they do wish to organize such a group.

Ideally we hope to have a mix of fields and disciplines represented among the GSAs housed by the KI. Doctoral students from all Harvard academic departments and schools may apply. Applicants should have preferably completed their generals but we will consider students who have not completed generals. In all cases, seniority will be taken into account. Desks will be assigned for a one or two semester period. 

Application Process:

Please send an email with the completed application form and required attachments.

Deadline: Friday, April 22, 2022

Contact Info: Catherine Glover,

Please note: You may also be interested in applying to the Asia Center Graduate Student Associates, as well. Please confirm their deadline. In past, the Asia Center deadline has been in April. Please contact Jorge Espada for further information.


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