Harvard Summer School Program in Seoul

1.26.22: COVID-19 update: The Seoul program is postponed to Summer 2023. Please check back in Fall 2022 for more information.

Harvard Summer School in Seoul, Korea Program 2022
Date of Deadline: Thursday, February 3, 2022 online on the HSS website

Please Note: For AY21-22, due to COVID-19, all programs and opportunities are subject to change and/or cancellation. All support related to travel is contingent upon Harvard University guidelines and safety protocols before, during and after travel. Please see the following sites for the most up-to-date guidance: Harvard Travel Guidance and Harvard GSS COVID-19 travel advice.

Harvard Summer School 2022 Updates: The Summer School will announce periodic updates on Summer 2022 Study Abroad and the status of individual programs.

Health, safety, and security is paramount in Summer School Study Abroad program planning and execution. Harvard Summer School is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments at our program locations with Harvard Global Support Services (GSS). As noted in the current University Travel Guidance, Harvard University is committed to facilitating travel under safe conditions. The Summer School intends to resume study abroad programs as conditions warrant while being mindful of the significant uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and varying regional conditions. We encourage you to also visit the general Harvard University COVID-19 information page.

The launch of Harvard Summer School 2022 programs will remain subject to an array of factors including, but not limited to, whether changes are made to the University Travel Guidance, the evolving public health situation, and any travel restrictions that may be imposed by Harvard or by government agencies. 

Individual Study Abroad program start dates, course content or program design may be adjusted with evolving in-country health and safety considerations. During the program dates, personal travel outside of the program country will not be allowed. Programs are not guaranteed to run but the Summer School will remain in contact with students who open a study abroad application and communicate any cancellations as early as possible. 

2022 Program Dates as of now:
Tues June 28, 2022 (arrival and check-into dorms)- Sat August 20, 2022 (check-out of dorms). An 8 week long study abroad program.  

HSS Korea Program 2022

2022 HSS-Korea Program: THINKING OUT OF THE BOX- Exploring New Insights into North Korea

Seoul provides a stunning venue to combine Korean language study with new insights into North Korea and rapidly changing developments on the Korean Peninsula. Students enrich their understanding with multitrack instruction in Korean language, which reinforces language skills and enriches students’ understanding of Korean culture. Through framing activities students experience various aspects of South Korean current affairs.

Harvard Summer School (HSS) Program Abroad Online Application Deadline: (Online application to go live early December 2021.) View more information about the HSS-Korea Program, the application requirements and the link to the online application: https://summer.harvard.edu/study-abroad/seoul-korea/ 

The Harvard Summer School in Korea Program is open to college undergraduates, usually rising sophomores, juniors. Graduating seniors are ineligible to apply. All applicants must be in good standing. The themes for 2022 are exploring new insights into North Korea and learning Korean language. The content course's objective is to hone students’ critical thinking skills by exploring new insights into North Korea through the lens of recent interviews with defectors. The course focuses on deepening ties between the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Communist Party of China; increasing commercialization in the elite regime circle (the top 1%) through state trading company activities and among the entrepreneurial masses (the bottom 99%) through local markets; and how financial sanctions actually bolster North Korean procurement networks. Possible framing activities may include a tour of the Demilitarized Zone and the Panmunjom Truce Village. The course also includes a component where students can apply critical thinking skills in assessing contemporary media coverage of North Korean defectors.
In addition to the course on North Korea, students will study Korean language for credit. Multi-track instruction in Korean language [KORE S-Ba, KORE S-120a, KORE S-130a and KORE S-140-a.] reinforces language skills and enriches students’ understanding of Korean culture. Students need not have prior experience with Korean language.

Another unique feature of this intensive study abroad program in the dynamic city of Seoul, is the inclusion of an approximately equal number of Korean students from local universities in Seoul. Contact with Korean counterparts in class and in the dormitory offers a far deeper immersion experience and a direct avenue to life in Seoul as a college student.

We encourage you to apply to this exciting Harvard Summer School in Seoul Program if you are interested in exploring new insights into North Korea, learning Korean language, and experiencing Korea first hand. The online program application deadline is: February 3, 2022. https://summer.harvard.edu/study-abroad/seoul-korea/ 

The online application will go live in early January 2022 at: https://summer.harvard.edu/study-abroad/seoul-korea/

FUNDING INFO: Guidance for the budget for this program will be posted on the Harvard Summer School Seoul-Korea webpage listed under Cost and Expenses.

Do make sure to apply to OCS Summer Funding for the HSS in Seoul, Korea Program at: https://ocs.fas.harvard.edu/summer-funding OCS HSS Funding Applications are also due on February 3, 2022. Please check their website for up-to-date information.  [For Harvard undergraduates only] Attend an OCS funding information session or go to their drop-in hours.

In addition, you may also apply for a limited Korea Institute (KI) Scholarship for the Harvard Summer School-Korea program. [For Harvard Undergraduates Only] Please see: https://korea.fas.harvard.edu/korea-institute-scholarships-harvard-summer-school-korea-program  for more info and the application process. You may apply and may receive funding from both the Korea Institute and the Office of Career Services. This KI schoalrship application should be emailed to: Catherine Glover cglover@fas.harvard.edu by the deadline February 3, 2022. [Please note: This is the same deadline as the online Harvard Summer School Abroad Program Application Deadline and the OCS Summer Funding deadline.] KI scholarships are only available to Harvard undergraduates only.

Please see the attached poster for more information and read reflections from students who have participated on the HSS-Korea program in years past. Reports may be found at: http://korea.fas.harvard.edu/news by searching the News section for the Harvard Summer School Program.

Please feel free to contact Catherine Glover cglover@fas.harvard.edu should you have any HSS-Korea program questions.
Harvard College 2022 Summer Funding Policy oue.fas.harvard.edu/summer-2022-funding-policy

Harvard College prioritizes the wide distribution of Summer funding to ensure that as many undergraduate students as possible can have a meaningful summer experience. For funded Summer 2022 experiences, students may only apply Harvard University funding to one Summer experience, regardless of duration of time (ex. only four weeks or a part-time effort). Co-funding between multiple sources of funding is permitted only if the funding jointly supports the same Summer experience.

Exceptions to the Summer Funding Policy are uncommon and will be reviewed on an individual basis; students should make exception requests to their Resident Dean, who will forward on to the Office of Undergraduate Education. All exceptions will be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Failure to adhere to the Harvard College Summer funding policy may result in a student being referred to the Administrative Board or Honor Council.



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