Korea Institute Scholarship to attend SNU International Summer Program (SNU ISP)

Korea Institute Scholarship to attend SNU International Summer Program (SNU ISP) 
Deadline: Monday, February 7, 2022, 5pm EST

Please Note: For AY21-22, due to COVID-19, all programs and opportunities are subject to change and/or cancellation. All support related to travel is contingent upon Harvard University guidelines and safety protocols before, during and after travel. Please see the following sites for the most up-to-date guidance: Harvard Travel Guidance and Harvard GSS COVID-19 travel advice.

Please note: This funding award is provisionally for an in-person program.

Seoul National University (SNU) is one of Korea’s foremost universities. For more information on the SNU International Summer Program (ISP) and their offerings, please see the SNU ISP website: SNU International Summer Program

Please also see the SNU ISP Program Brochure attached below. Remember to apply directly to the Korea Institute via CARAT, not via the SNU ISP online application form.

The Korea Institute will award ONE scholarship (full tuition waiver, dorm fee, airfare, application fee and field trip fee) for one Harvard undergraduate in any concentration to attend the SNU ISP Summer Session 2022. This scholarship will cover tuition fees, dormitory fees, round trip airfare (economy class, non-refundable, up to $1800) and the application and field trip fees. The student is still responsible for meals and general living expenses.  You may opt to take content courses (in English) or take a Korean language course and take a content course (in English).

*This scholarship is generously sponsored by an alumna of Harvard College at SNU. This opportunity is only for Harvard undergraduates. Preference will be given to returning Harvard students.*

Students may apply to OCS (Office of Career Services) for an OCS Summer Study Abroad Grant to possibly cover some of the above costs not covered by this grant. Best to consult with the OCS Summer Funding staff before applying to OCS Summer Funding.

For Transfer Credit, please note you must apply separately to the Harvard Office of International Education (OIE) to possibly receive transfer credit for your summer courses taken in Korea. The transfer credit application process is due to OIE (before you go abroad in the summer) often due in very early February. Please remember the credit transfer process is an additional application process in addition to the KI Undergraduate Summer Language Study Grants at Ewha (Tuition Waiver) application.

Korea Institute Scholarship to attend the Seoul National University-International Summer Program-SNU ISP Application Process:  

Apply directly to the Korea Institute via CARATnot via the SNU ISP online application form.

1)  Apply using CARAT, Harvard’s web-based centralized application tool, at: https://carat.fas.harvard.edu/  From the CARAT home page, after logging in, click on “Funding Sources and Supplements,” and scroll down to “Korea Institute Undergraduate Scholarship to SNU ISP” to see the list of required documents that you must prepare for your application.

 2) Two faculty recommendations. Your faculty recommender or proxy may upload their recommendations directly into CARAT or the recommendation may be emailed directly to the Coordinator Catherine Glover by the deadline, denoting which specific grant you are applying for.

3) Proposal of 750 words or less

4) Current 1-page resume

5) Current unofficial transcript from my.harvard 
In order to upload your transcript as a PDF, please go to my.harvard to print a copy of your transcript, scan it as a PDF, and upload.

Upload your completed application (CARAT application/budget sheet, resume, proposal and transcript) on CARAT https://carat.fas.harvard.edu/  by the deadline.

6) Two Recommendation letters may be uploaded and submitted directly into CARAT by faculty recommenders or proxies. If not, letters of recommendation may be emailed directly in PDF format to cglover@fas.harvard.edu by the deadline. Your rec letters must denote which specific grant you are applying to. One of the two letters should be from your faculty advisor, a faculty member who knows you well, or your House Tutor.

7) You must be in good academic standing to apply

Application instructions specific to the Korea Institute Undergraduate Scholarship to SNU ISP: 
·         In your 750-word proposal indicate why you would like to attend the SNU International Summer Program. Include the program dates. Also, specifically address your academic and personal goals and what you expect to gain from your experience in Korea. It should explain your degree of preparation for studying in Korea and how such an opportunity will fit into your overall course of study at Harvard.
 ·         Application must be supported by 2 letters of recommendation, including one from your faculty advisor, a faculty member who knows you well, or your House Tutor. 
 ·         You must inform the Korea Institute if you receive any other awards for this proposal after you submit this application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, February 7, 2022 by 5pm EST

• Announcement of KI awards will be made in April 2022.

For more information, please contact:  Catherine Glovercglover@fas.harvard.edu


Harvard College 2022 Summer Funding Policy oue.fas.harvard.edu/summer-2022-funding-policy

Harvard College prioritizes the wide distribution of Summer funding to ensure that as many undergraduate students as possible can have a meaningful summer experience. For funded Summer 2022 experiences, students may only apply Harvard University funding to one Summer experience, regardless of duration of time (ex. only four weeks or a part-time effort). Co-funding between multiple sources of funding is permitted only if the funding jointly supports the same Summer experience.

Exceptions to the Summer Funding Policy are uncommon and will be reviewed on an individual basis; students should make exception requests to their Resident Dean, who will forward on to the Office of Undergraduate Education. All exceptions will be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Failure to adhere to the Harvard College Summer funding policy may result in a student being referred to the Administrative Board or Honor Council.

Harvard College policy may prevent the sponsorship of undergraduate activities taking place in countries with certain U.S. Department of State travel warnings. Please consult the Harvard College Policy on Undergraduate Travel Abroad for more information.      

NOTE: If you are experiencing technical difficulties in CARAT (e.g., receive error messages, find yourself unable to submit an application despite having passed all validation checks), please email HUIT Support at ithelp@harvard.edu or call 617-495-7777 well before the deadline.