Harvard College Korea Summer Internship Program

1.31.22: The Harvard College Korea Summer Internship Program has been cancelled for summer 2022. The CARAT application for this has been taken down.

Harvard College Korea Summer Internship Program
Date of Deadline: Monday, February 7, 2022 by 5pm EST

Please Note: For AY21-22, due to COVID-19, all programs and opportunities are subject to change and/or cancellation. All support related to travel is contingent upon Harvard University guidelines and safety protocols before, during and after travel. Please see the following sites for the most up-to-date guidance: Harvard Travel Guidance and Harvard GSS COVID-19 travel advice. Please continue to visit this webpage for continued updates.

This is an opportunity for Harvard undergraduate students only.

Arrival Tuesday, June 28, 2022 (Daytime) - Saturday, Aug 20, 2022 AM 
(Friday, Aug 19, 2022 is the last day of internship work.)
Dates may NOT be moved forward or back according to individual schedules.

Korea Institute Summer Internships in Korea

This successful internship program will take place between late June and mid-August 2022. If selected, the Korea Institute (KI) will provide interns $4500 for relevant expenses. (IE: Interns will pay for their own airfare, living expenses and dormitory fees from the KI award. Housing will be in a dorm and dorm costs must be paid in-person by the student in cash (KRW) from your KI award, directly to the Ewha dormitory.) 

As interns, students learn about Korean culture while living and working in Seoul. Since 2005, the Program has commonly placed interns in the fields of government, media/journalism, and in the corporate business field. Undergraduate students from all years of study and all concentrations will be considered. However, preference will be given to returning Harvard students. Internships require significant background in the Korean language (2 years), with a minimum requirement of conversational fluency and higher levels of fluency preferred. Please see below for a sample budget and more info on example organizations. 

Housing is in a secure, comfortable dormitory at a local Korean University. http://dmtrygr.ewha.ac.kr/  Ordinarily, interns are more programmatically independent than students on study abroad and for-credit programs. The KI offers all Korea-bound Harvard students a pre-departure orientation, as well as, an in-country internship-specific orientation in Korea upon arrival. 

KI Internship Application Deadline: Monday, February 7, 2022 by 5pm EST.  Application will be available on CARAT https://carat.fas.harvard.edu/, Harvard's web-based centralized application tool, listed under Korea Institute-Summer Internship Program. 

The KI hopes to offer 3 summer internship positions in Seoul for summer 2022. All internships are subject to change but we hope to offer summer internships at CJ ENM, the Korea Herald and the ROK National Assembly. 

Examples of Korea Summer Internship Organizations: [Always Subject to Change]

The Korea Herald

A journalism internship in one of the largest daily English newspapers in Korea, founded in 1953 and published in Seoul, South Korea. The editorial staff is composed of Korean and international writers and editors, with additional news coverage drawn from international news agencies such as the Associated Press. This internship is a hands-on reporting internship. Recent interns have brainstormed article ideas, pitched ideas, written an article on a chosen idea, interviewed people for the article, edited proofread and formatted articles and took photographs. Interns are assigned to particular section of the newspaper such as the business desk, the nation desk, the entertainment desk or the culture desk. It is preferable to have strong Korean language skills and a keen interest in Korean culture, business and the journalism and media industries. Background in journalism ie: journalisitic research/writing/interviewing skills, as well as, video editing skills are also desired. Please see below for further Korea Herald internship details and requirements. If applying for the Korea Herald internship, please address your background and skills in the Korean language and journalism and mention any interest in journalism, media and/or business in your statement of purpose.

Korea Herald Internship Work Description:
Report and write on issues regarding Korea, after consulting with Desk Editors about topics and details. Each assignment is a project-based undertaking, either on an individual basis or through collaboration with other intern reporters or staff reporters. Write at least two 500-word articles per week.

Korea Herald Work Hours: Five days a week (full-time)

Korea Herald Additional Desired Intern Qualifications: A student who can speak Korean language is preferred. Journalistic research and writing skills, and keen interest in Korea; as well as video editing skills (Adobe Premiere, After Effect)

For those interested in a real-world applied journalism/media/business experience while experiencing the dynamic city of Seoul, please apply via CARAT under the Korea Institute Internship Program listing.
2019 Intern Reflection- Timothy Im, '21, Korea Herald, Summer 2019
2018 Intern Reflection- Aaron Shi, '20, Korea Herald, Summer 2018
2017 Intern Reflection- Kai Potter, '19, Korea Herald, Summer 2017
2016 Intern Reflection- Francesca Simoni, '17, Korea Herald, Summer 2016
To be put in touch with the 2015 summer intern, Moses Kim '17, about his experiences, please email cglover@fas.harvard.edu
2014 Intern Reflection - Dina Perez '15, Korea Herald, Summer 2014
CJ Corporation and its various business affiliates
CJ ENM (CJ Entertainment & Merchandising); CJ ENM is an affiliate of CJ Corporation

11-17-21 Update: The 2022 Harvard summer internship at CJ ENM will be in the Film Division on the US Films Development Team. Intern duties vary with what Team hosts the intern each year. [Internship and Internship Team are always subject to change] 

Please note: CJ ENM is interested in entertaining media production and platform services. CJ ENM has mentioned that "Speaking Korean is a plus but those without language capability or cultural background can equally benefit." However, several former CJ ENM interns have stated that a solid background in the Korean language would be invaluable and highly recommend this background. In previous summers, some of the team work included desktop research on the media/entertainment industry and writing thorough reports based on the facts/insights that are based from their research. More details about the intern job duties are listed below. After an intern has been chosen, a Skype interview with CJ ENM will be required to best further construct the work/activities the intern will do.

Here is a 5 minute video to providing a basic understanding of CJ ENM.


About CJ ENM CJ ENM (CJ Entertainment and Merchandising) is a South Korean entertainment and retail company founded in 2018. CJ ENM was established as a result of the merger in July 2018 of two CJ Group subsidiaries, CJ E&M and CJ O Shopping to become CJ ENM, the first global convergent content and commerce company in Korea to lead the world. The E&M Division is leading cultural trends with numerous of entertaining media production and platform services. The O Shopping Division is everything that supports each customer toward a trendy lifestyle by creating a convenient and enjoyable shopping culture.

CJ’s journey in the media & entertainment industry world began in the mid ‘90s with its founding investment in DreamWorks SKG alongside some of Hollywood’s most influential personalities: Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen. Since then, our business has grown to span motion pictures, TV, music, live theatrical performances, and online games. But we are not simply a “jack-of-all-trades but master of none” – CJ E&M division is, in fact, is Korea’s number one movie studio, the biggest cable network (with 18 channels), the top music distributor, and the most successful concert promoter, drawing the largest concert audiences year in, year out.

Looking beyond Korea, however, CJ Corporation is growing their business rapidly in overseas markets with operations already in China, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the US. CJ continues to actively explore business opportunities all around the globe and have their sights set on becoming a leading global media, entertainment and retail company.

2022 summer CJ ENM internship on the US Films Development & Production Team Description:
Intern duties vary with what Team hosts the intern each year.

"Having produced Director Bong Joon Ho's SNOWPIERCER in 2013, our team has recently mounted a push into US film production in last couple of years. Targeting US as our main market along with Korea as 2nd, our mission is to produce 2-3 English language films per year. Handling the whole filmmaking process from A to Z (e.g. development, financing, production, and etc.), we have about 20 projects on our slate. Completed examples include the recent Toronto premiere ENDINGS, BEGINNINGS directed by Drake Doremus (ZOE and NEWNESS) and starring Shailene Woodley (BIG LITTLE LIES), Jamie Dornan (FIFTY SHADES series) and Sebastian Stan (CAPTAIN AMERICA). We also have two collaborations in the works with Kevin Hart and Universal on English-language remakes of our own Korean hits: a remake of EXTREME JOB, South Korea's biggest theatrical hit of 2019, and the female-driven BYE, BYE, BYE, based on the Korean hit movie SUNNY.

We are looking for a competent Intern to get a unique experience of working in a Korean entertainment company producing English language films. We want you to be comfortable working in a foreign company, as well as, being able to pull out your passion about film."

US Films Development & Production Team Intern Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in script review and creating coverage
  • Assisting in managing our internal database for script/director/writer submission
  • Researching and Creating film data (e.g. Box Office Comparables and etc.)

US Films Development & Production Team Intern Qualifications/Requirements include:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively and collaboratively with diverse personalities
  • Excel/Word/Powerpoint program savvy would be welcomed
  • Interested in Korean culture and movie
  • Must be a movie lover

2019 CJ ENM Intern Reflection- Geraldine Cisneros, '20 at CJ ENM-Global Business and Strategy Team
2018 CJ ENM Intern Reflection- Maria Tirnovanu, '20 at CJ ENM-Global Business and Strategy Team
2017 CJ E&M Intern Reflection - Jessica Chung '19 at CJ E&M-International Film Sales and Distribution Division
2016 CJ E&M Intern Reflection - Ishak Caner '18 at CJ E&M-International Film Sales and Distribution Division

2015 CJ E&M Intern Reflection - Elizabeth Daeun Choi '16 at CJ E&M – International Film Sales and Distribution Division
"I didn’t quite know what to expect when I first entered my internship at CJ Entertainment.  I had stubbornly pursued the internship for my own creative interests in film despite multiple warnings that the internship was a primarily business-oriented position.  The International Film Sales and Distribution division was still within the realm of film, so how different could it be?  My naïveté about the film industry quickly became clear upon entering the CJ E&M building for the first time and witnessing the excitement before me—a jumbled mass of directors, producers, and corporate employees in a rich multifaceted institution that boasts an infinite number of creative and business ventures.

CJ’s International Film Sales and Distribution department is an extremely fast-paced and more importantly, objective environment.  As a result, there was a significant learning curve during the first few weeks of my program.  Everything I had known about writing film reviews pretty much became irrelevant as I learned to report my findings in a more efficient and informed manner.  During the eight weeks of my internship, I engaged in a variety of assignments that included market research, screenplay reviews, and translation work that culminated in a final marketing report on Argentina based on some of CJ’s most recent films.  The transition from my previously subjective treatment of films to a more grounded numerical approach was a bumpy one, but nevertheless informative and perhaps more useful in helping me understand the processes and realities of Korea’s film industry than any other interaction I’d had thus far.  In addition to my assignments, I attended weekly lectures and screenings through which I became better acquainted with film theory and international works beyond those of Korea or Hollywood.

Of course, my time at CJ was not limited to the International Film Sales and Distribution department.  One of the most exciting parts about being at such a holistic entertainment company like CJ is that you have the chance to expose yourself to all the different sectors of Korea’s entertainment industry.  I myself had the opportunity to attend one of Korea’s famous music shows, run by CJ’s music channel Mnet.  What’s more, the company’s location in the Digital Media City amongst other major broadcast companies means that there is never a shortage of things to do or people to meet."

2014 CJ E&M Reflection - Jiho Kang '16, Intern at CJ E&M – International Film Sales and Distribution Division

ROK National Assembly 

This ROK National Assembly internship is on the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Unification in the ROK National Assembly. While interning for the Committee Chief of Staff, the intern will learn more about how legislation is drafted and about other legislative activities, as well as, assisting with English documents and foreign visitors, including the US-Korea exchange program. The intern will gain an inside view on the complexities of Korean politics. You may visit www.assembly.go.kr and though this website is in Korean, there is an English section. This internship is open to those Harvard undergraduates returning to campus in the Fall. Candidates must be fluent in both Korean and English. Your Korean ability will be tested. Apply directly to the Korea Institute Internship Program via CARAT. This is no longer a co-sponsored internship via the Institute of Politics (IOP). Please apply directly to the Korea Institute via CARAT, the online application system.

2019 Intern Reflection- Albert Seung-Min Shin, '22
2018 Intern Reflection- Irene Kim, '20
2017 Intern Reflection- Hyeryeong Hailey Lee  '19
2016 Intern Reflection - Don Kim '16
"The entire internship revolved around the ROK National Assembly-US Congress Exchange Program. Before the program began,I spent two weeks helping with translation work for handbooks that were given to the American delegates, as well as, planning the different activities for the delegates while in Korea (trip to Busan, visit to the DMZ, etc). During the actual program, which lasted two weeks, I accompanied the delegates daily, along with another employee of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Unification. During this time, I guided the delegates, provided information about the activities, and translated when necessary. After the delegates left, I spent two weeks compiling both the US and Korean delegates' program surveys. As a note, I would recommend that interns have a solid conversational ability in Korean. Although the internship is in the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Unification, no one in the office spoke English. I enjoyed the opportunity and would highly recommend it for anyone interested in working in Korea, specifically in the political realm." 
2015 Intern Reflection - Joseph Choe '17
2014 Intern Reflection - Franklin Lee '15
2012 Intern Reflection - Haemin Jee '14
2011 Intern Reflection - Kwon-Yong Jin '12

Application Instructions:

For Help When Filling Out Carat Budget: Airfare $2000, Living Expenses/meals $1500, Dorm $1000.00 = Total $4500

KI Summer Internship Application Deadline: Monday, February 7, 2022 on CARAT by 5pm EST.

After entering your info for this application into CARAT https://carat.fas.harvard.edu/ .  You must also upload the Harvard College Korea Summer Internship Program 2022 Application Form pages 1 & 2 (PDF attachment below), your Resume, an unofficial transcript from my.harvard & a Statement of Purpose. **If choosing to use the FILLABLE PDF form below, DOWNLOAD a copy of the FILLABLE PDF to your computer before filling it in, then re-name it. If you complete the form in a browser, the data will NOT be saved and it will be blank.** Or you may use the non-fillable PDF, handwrite in your answers and then please scan/upload into CARAT.

  • Korea Institute-Summer Internship Program Application will be available on CARAT https://carat.fas.harvard.edu, Harvard's web-based centralized application tool, listed under Korea Institute-Summer Internship Program
  • Personal statement - Applicants are asked to compose a personal statement of approximately 500-750 words. The statement should make the case for the applicant’s suitability for the program and elaborate on what skills he or she would contribute to the organization. Students´ expectations of the internship experience should be stated, as well as how the internship relates to their overall experience as a student at Harvard College. Please be clear on which specific KI summer internship opportunities you are interested in and why. Please tell us your first choice and why.
  • Unofficial Transcript From my.harvard--In order to upload your transcript as a PDF, please go to my.harvard to print a copy of your transcript, scan it as a PDF, and upload. 
  • Letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor, from a faculty member who knows you well, or House Tutor Recommendation letters may be uploaded directly into CARAT by faculty recommender, a proxy or emailed directly (in PDF format) to the KI Coordinator, cglover@fas.harvard.edu, by the deadline.
  • You must also have your recommender denote which specific KI program/grant you are applying to.             
  • You must be in good academic standing to apply.
  • Finalists will be contacted for an interview.   
  • It is expected that if awarded a KI Summer Internship, upon return, you will happily volunteer when asked to talk about your experience to interested students at various KI and OCS information sessions, panels, student fairs etc, throughout the fall.
  •  For any KI Internship Program/application questions, please contact: Catherine Glover

 *NOTE: If you are experiencing CARAT technical difficulties (e.g., receive error messages, find yourself unable to submit an application despite having passed all validation checks), please email HUIT Support at ithelp@harvard.edu or call 617-495-7777 well before the deadline.*

Harvard College 2022 Summer Funding Policy oue.fas.harvard.edu/summer-2022-funding-policy

Harvard College prioritizes the wide distribution of Summer funding to ensure that as many undergraduate students as possible can have a meaningful summer experience. For funded Summer 2022 experiences, students may only apply Harvard University funding to one Summer experience, regardless of duration of time (ex. only four weeks or a part-time effort). Co-funding between multiple sources of funding is permitted only if the funding jointly supports the same Summer experience.

Exceptions to the Summer Funding Policy are uncommon and will be reviewed on an individual basis; students should make exception requests to their Resident Dean, who will forward on to the Office of Undergraduate Education. All exceptions will be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Failure to adhere to the Harvard College Summer funding policy may result in a student being referred to the Administrative Board or Honor Council.



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