Korea Institute Graduate Summer Language Study Grants

Korea Institute Graduate Summer Language Study Grants
Date of Deadline: February 11, 2022 (FRIDAY) by 5:00pm EST

Note for AY21-22: KI graduate language support will be for travel to a language program. Please note that all support related to travel is contingent upon Harvard University guidelines and safety protocols before, during and after travel. Please see the following sites for the most up-to-date guidance: Harvard Travel Guidance and Harvard GSS COVID-19 travel advice.

The Korea Institute offers a limited number of graduate summer language study grants to Harvard master’s and doctoral degree candidates in the humanities or social sciences for the summer of 2022. Intended study must be directly related to a thesis/PhD dissertation in Korean studies, which cannot be conveniently pursued during the academic year. Priority will be given to advanced study in a primary language, to the study of a secondary language that is necessary for the completion of the degree, or to the study of a secondary language that is necessary for advanced research. Please consult with the EALC Korean Language Program for eligible Korean language courses of study and suitability.  Applicants are encouraged to budget realistically and, when appropriate, seek support from other sources. Applicants applying to a Harvard Summer School language program should first explore submitting an application for a tuition waiver from GSAS. Students should visit the GSAS Tuition Waiver Webpage for application procedures and deadline. (Grant awards up to $7,000.)


1. Please follow the CARAT instructions for the Korea Institute Graduate Summer Language Study Grants, as well as the specific Korea Institute instructions below. The CARAT (online application system) link is: https://carat.fas.harvard.edu/

Application Requirements:

▫ CARAT application form including the CARAT budget sheet (filled out with itemized detail)
▫ Current resume/CV (not to exceed 2 pages)
▫ Current unofficial Transcript from my.harvard.edu; (official transcript is also accepted)
▫ Statement of purpose (1 page)
▫ Two recommendations (1 must be from a Korean language instructor; see attached Language Instructor Form below)

2. Please note the following instructions specific to the Korea Institute application and CARAT:

A) When filling out the online CARAT application, it is essential to provide information for these fields (do not leave blank):

  • G-Year, Degree, Department, and Citizenship (be sure to indicate U.S. Permanent Residence)
  • Title of the Proposal (even if it says optional). Include the specific summer language program name and the language level (e.g. Sogang University Immersion Program, 3rd year Korean).

    B) On the BUDGET page in CARAT, in addition to detailed expenses related to summer Korean language study, include the following:
  • Other sources of support including other summer grants applied for, and amounts.
  • Summer stipend status from your department or GSAS, whether awarded or not (if awarded, enter the dollar amount in CARAT).
  • Specify the total amount requested from the Korea Institute and the duration (e.g., $4,000 for 3 months, June through August, include location/s).
  • Costs may include living expenses. Please provide details.

Additional Notes:

  • Applicants must inform the Korea Institute of any other awards received after submitting this application.
  • Applicants must disclose their Summer Stipend status and funding award in detail on the CARAT Budget page. Applicants not receiving a Summer Stipend must indicate the reason. Including the summer stipend award letter with the application is optional but welcomed.

C) CURRENT RESUME/CV: The resume/CV should not exceed 2 pages.

D) TRANSCRIPT (unofficial or official): Unofficial transcripts may be printed from my.harvard, scanned as a PDF, and then uploaded to CARAT.

E) STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The Statement of Purpose should describe the specific summer language program to be attended (e.g. Sogang University Immersion Program), schedule, and relevance to the applicant’s overall plan of study. Explain why Korean language study is needed during the summer instead of during the academic year. The proposal should be brief (1 page).

F) TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Recommendation letters may be uploaded and submitted directly into CARAT by faculty recommenders or emailed to the KI Coordinator, Catherine Glover by the deadline (PDF format). Recommenders should indicate the name of the grant on their letter. One letter should be from a current faculty/thesis advisor in the Korea studies field. The second letter should be from a Korean language instructor utilizing the Korea Institute Summer Language Grants Instructor Reference Form found below.

G) Applicants to a Harvard Summer School language program should first explore applying for a tuition waiver from GSAS. Applicants should consult their academic department for the HSS/GSAS application procedures and deadline. Please also see the GSAS Fellowships website for information on tuition waivers.

H) If the applicant has received previous funding from the Korea Institute, please provide the grant name, year, and award amount. Be sure to complete this field on the CARAT Budget page.

APPLICATION DEADLINE, February 11, 2022 (FRIDAY) by 5:00pm EST

Announcement of awards: April 2022 (subject to change)

Applicants are strongly encouraged to explore GSAS summer funding and all other resources that GSAS offers such as Hardship Funding and the GSAS Emergency Support Initiative.


For more information on the Inter-University Center (IUC) for Korean Language Studies at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) for advanced academic Korean language training: https://korea.fas.harvard.edu/inter-university-center-iuc-korean-language-studies-sungkyunkwan-skku Candidates must apply directly to the SKKU Program while applying for graduate summer language funding from the Korea Institute.

For information, please contact Catherine Glover, cglover@fas.harvard.edu

NOTE: If you are experiencing CARAT technical difficulties (e.g., receive error messages, find yourself unable to submit an application despite having passed all validation checks), please email HUIT Support at ithelp@harvard.edu or call 617-495-7777 well before the deadline.***

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