Korea Institute Summer Research Travel Grants (Undergraduate)

Date of Deadline: early February 2021-Exact Deadline TBA
Please Note: For AY20-21, due to COVID-19, all programs and opportunities in Korea are subject to change and/or cancellation.
Korea Institute Undergraduate Summer Travel Grants are awarded to Harvard undergraduates in the humanities or social sciences to use in Korea for research and/or field work relating to a senior honors thesis in an area of Korean studies. Ordinarily, the award covers the cost of travel and research-related expenses for the research project. Applicants must be in good academic standing and have completed at least two years of Korean language study or have comparable proficiency; in the case of exceptionally strong projects, more limited language background may be considered. It is important that applicants begin drafting research proposals early, in close consultation with their professor(s). Applicants should give their recommenders a copy of their proposal to read before letters of recommendation are written.

Use the online CARAT system to apply to the Undergraduate Korea Institute Summer Research Travel Grants via: https://carat.fas.harvard.edu/  This grant is listed under Korea Institute-Summer Research Travel Grants.

After entering your info for this application into CARAT, you will also need to upload your resume, an unofficial transcript from my.harvard & a statement of purpose. Recommendation letters may be uploaded and submitted directly into CARAT by faculty recommenders or emailed directly to the KI Coordinator cglover@fas.harvard.edu by the deadline. It is preferred that the two recommendation letters are from faculty.

-  Fill out all the CARAT pages, including the CARAT budget online and upload

- Upload a current one-page resume

- Upload a proposal of no more than 750 words outlining the project you hope to undertake and the rationale for pursuing it in your destination(s)

- Upload a current Unofficial Transcript--In order to upload your transcript as a PDF, please go to my.harvard to print a copy of your transcript, scan it as a PDF, and upload.

Two Letter(s) of recommendation are needed for the Korea Institute. Recommendation letters may be uploaded and submitted directly into CARAT by faculty recommenders or emailed directly to the KI Coordinator cglover@fas.harvard.edu by the deadline by 5:00pm EST. PDF format please.  Your recommendation letters must denote which specific KI grant you are applying to.

Additional Application Considerations:

  • You must be in good academic standing to apply.
  • If you are planning to conduct research that involves human subjects (interviews, written surveys, observations, etc.), you will need to submit a URTP (Undergraduate Research Training Program) Decision Form to the Committee on the Use of Human Subjects. The URTP Decision Form is a Qualtrics survey that will guide you through the process of whether or not IRB (Harvard University Institutional Review Board) review is required for your research and indicate whether next steps are needed. Please visit the CUHS website: URTP Undergraduate Research Training Program  You may find the URTP Decision Form towards the bottom of the page.  The Committee may also be reached at 617-496-2847 or cuhs@harvard.edu. They are located in the Smith Campus Ctr. at 1350 Mass Ave., Suite 935. Drop-in hours are held every other Wednesday and by appointment. Committee approval is not required at the time of your KI grant application submission.  It is best to contact CUHS even before you've heard the outcome of your application to the KI.
  • Harvard College policy may prevent the sponsorship of undergraduate activities taking place in countries with certain U.S. Department of State travel warnings. Please consult the Harvard College Policy on Undergraduate Travel Abroad for more information. 
  • You must inform the Institute if you receive any other award for this proposal after you submit this application.                                                                                              
  • NOTE: If you are experiencing technical difficulties (e.g., receive error messages, find yourself unable to submit an application despite having passed all validation checks), please email HUIT Support at ithelp@harvard.edu or call 617-495-7777, well before the deadline.

KI Contact Info: Catherine Glover, cglover@fas.harvard.edu