Insoo Cho

Visiting Scholar
Associate Professor, Korean National University of Arts

Term: August 1, 2011 - July 31, 2012
Research Project Title: Contemporary Study of Korean and Chinese Paintings of Daoist Immortals: Their...

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Korean National University of Arts, Hwarangro 32 Gil 146-37, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 136-716, South Korea

Jae Ho Cho

Visiting Scholar
Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Ulsan

Term: August 25, 2009 - July 31, 2010
Research Project Title: Korean Economic Development and Entrepreneurship... Read more about Jae Ho Cho

Department of Economics, University of Ulsan, P.O.Box 18, Ulsan, South Korea

John (Song Pae) Cho

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellow, Korea Institute, Harvard University

Term: August 1, 2013 - July 31, 2014
Research Project Title: Contemporary Korean Society - Focusing on Gender, Sexuality and Family... Read more about John (Song Pae) Cho

Korea Institute, Harvard University, CGIS South Building, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Sookja Cho

Visiting Scholar
Associate Professor of Korean and Comparative Literature, Arizona State University

Term: August 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021
Research Project Title: Empowering Letters: “Ch’oe Ch’iwŏn Narratives in Time and Space"

Ellie Choi

Associate in Research
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Asian Studies, Cornell University
Visiting Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies, Brown University

Term: March 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Research Project Title: Yi Kwangsu and Colonial Spatiality

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Hyesil Choi

Visiting Scholar
Professor, Department of Korean Literature, Kyunghee University

Term: September 1, 1996 - January 31, 1998
Research Project Title: Research on Korean Popular Novels in the 1930s... Read more about Hyesil Choi

Kyunghee University, Department of Korean History, Hoegi-dong-1, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 190-701, South Korea
p: 82-967-0223

Jae Mok Choi

Visiting Scholar
Associate Professor, Yeungnam University


Term: September 1, 1999 - August 31, 2000
Research Project Title: Confucianism and East Asian Philosohpy... Read more about Jae Mok Choi

Department of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts, Yeungnam University, Kyongsan 712-749, South Korea
p: 82-53-810-2195

Kyung Hwan Choi

Associate in Research
Professor, Pusan University of Foreign Studies

Term: April 1, 1999 - March 31, 2000
Research Project Title: The Novel in the Late Choson Period... Read more about Kyung Hwan Choi

Dept. of Korean Literature, Pusan University of Foreign Studies, 55-1 Uamdong, Namgu, Busan, South Korea

Chin-Oh Chu

Visiting Scholar
Associate Professor, Sangmyung University

Term: August 15, 1997 - August 14, 1998
Research Project Title: Political and Intellectual History of Early Modern Korea... Read more about Chin-Oh Chu

Department of History, Sangmyung University, Hongji-dong, Chongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
p: 82-2-2287-5179

Simone Bong-Hyun Chun

Associate in Research
Lecturer, College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University

Term: March 1, 2015 - November 6, 2015

Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115-5000

Sook Ja Chun

Associate in Research
Professor, Ewha Woman's University

Term: November 1, 2004 - August 31, 2005
Research Project Title: A Study of Changes in the Contents of the North Korean Textbooks - Conparison between the Il Sung Kim and the Jung Il Kim Regime... Read more about Sook Ja Chun

Department of Social Studies, Ewha Woman's University, 11-1 Daehyun-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-750, Korea
p: 82-2-3277-2666

Bong Hyup Chung

Visiting Associate
Director General, Ministry of Gender Equality

Term: September 1, 2006 - August 31, 2007
Research Project Title: An Evaluation of the Korean Government's Investment toward a National...

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Ministry of Gender Equality, 520-3, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-040, Korea
p: 82-2-2106-5159

Chai-sik Chung

Associate in Research
Professor, Boston University School of Theology

Term: September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2010
Research Project Title: Religion and Society in Korea... Read more about Chai-sik Chung

Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics, 745 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
p: (617) 353-6497, fax: (617) 353-3061