The Korea Institute, Harvard University announces the Summer 2017 and AY17-18 Student Grant and Fellowship Awards

May 3, 2017
Lotus Flowers


Korea Institute 2017 Undergraduate and Graduate Student Awards for Korea-Related Research, Travel and Work

The Korea Institute at Harvard University promotes the study of Korea and brings together faculty, students, scholars, and visitors to create a leading Korean studies community at Harvard.Through the Korea Institute, Harvard offers resources for graduate and undergraduate students to study Korea. On campus in Cambridge, students take courses on Korea and may choose from a wide array of Korea-related programmatic activities. Graduate and undergraduate students may conduct thesis research and language study in Korea, and undergraduates may participate in study and work abroad opportunities in Korea through a variety of programs such as the Harvard Summer School-Korea Program, Korean language study at Ewha University, academic study at Seoul National University, and internships. 

These Korea Institute undergraduate and graduate student awards are generously supported by the Jaromir Ledecky International Fellowship Program in Journalism Fund at the Office of Career Services, Young-Chul Min Memorial Fund, Sunshik Min Endowment for the Advancement of Korean Literature Fund, Sanhak Fund, Kim & Kang Fund, Pagoda Fund, LG Yonam Fund, Theresa Cho, Alex Kim, and anonymous donors at the Korea Institute, Harvard University. 

Korea Institute Summer Research Travel Fellowships – Graduate

Manuel Azuaje-Alamo, Comparative Literature, G4, “The Reception, Interpretation and Translation of Modern Latin American Literature by Novelists, Writers, and Poets of China, Korea and Japan.

Keung Yoon Becky Bae, EALC, G3, “ A Hall of Mirrors: Negotiating Filmmaking Across the Japanese Empire”

Wenjiao Cai, EALC, G5, “The Environmental Regime of the Northern Frontier in Early Modern Korea”

Christopher Carothers, Government, G4, “Combatting Corruption in Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from China, South Korea and Taiwan”

Sujin Elisa Han, RSEA, G1, “Morality of Consumption in Contemporary Korea, 1945-1959”

Yookyeong Im, Anthropology, G1, “Pre-Dissertation of Pilot Research on Legal Movements and the Role of International Cooperation in Queer Activism in South Korea”

Kyooeun Jang, RSEA, G1, “Digital Cartographies of Femininity in Contemporary South Korea”

Yusung Kim, EALC, G4, “Techno-Fantasy in South Korea During the Cold War: The Imagination of Techno-Oriented Futures Through Visual and Textual Representations”

Anna Jungeun Lee, EALC, G3, “Preliminary Dissertation Research in Sejong City, Korea”

Sun Min Melany Park, Arch., Landscape & Urban Planning, G3, “From Blue to White: Professionalizing Architecture in Postwar South Korea”


Korea Institute Grants for Korea Summer Programs – Undergraduate

Marie Carroll, ’20, Harvard Summer School in Seoul

Sabrina Chok, ’20, Harvard Summer School in Seoul

Ryan Lawton, ’18, Harvard Summer School in Seoul

Maria Tirnovanu, ’20, Harvard Summer School in Seoul

Emma Toh, '20, Harvard Summer School in Seoul

KeeHup Yong, '19, Harvard Summer School in Seoul

Korea Institute Summer Undergraduate Internships in Seoul, Korea

Jessica Chung, ’19, Social Studies/Economics, CJ Entertainment & Media

Hyeryeong Hailey Lee, ’19, Economics, ROK National Assembly

Kai Potter, ’19, History, Korea Herald


Korea Institute Undergraduate Summer Language Study Grants to Ewha University

Moses Kim, ’17, Economics, Ewha Womans University

Samuel Oh, ’18, Neurobiology, Ewha Womans University


Korea Institute Scholarship to Attend Seoul National University- International Summer Institute


Isabella Kang, ’20, Undeclared, Seoul National University-International Summer Institute

Sky Russell, ’20, Undeclared, Seoul National University-International Summer Institute


Korea Institute Summer Language Study Grants for Graduate Students

Graeme Reynolds, EALC, G3, Inter-University Program for Chinese at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Sungik Yang, RSEA, G2, IUC Program at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea


ICF Graduate Fellowship in Korean Literature

Shijung Kim, Comparative Literature, G2, “Sijo, Hanshi and Translating the Tranlatio of East Asian Modernity”


Korea Institute Conference Attendance Grants- Graduate

Keung Yoon Becky Bae, G3, International Conference on Film Histories of Taiwan and Asia, Taipei, Taiwan

Wenjiao Cai, EALC, G5, AKSE (Assoc. for Korean Studies Europe), Prague, Czech Republic

John Lee, EALC, G8, AKSE (Assoc. for Korean Studies Europe), Prague, Czech Republic

Eunsil Oh, Sociology, G6, Association of Asian Studies-in-Asia Conference, Kyoto, Japan

Miya Qiong Xie, Comparative Literature, G6, AAS Conference, Toronto, Canada

Sungik Yang, RSEA, G2, NEKST NextGen Korean Studies Scholars Conference, Ann Arbor, MI

Ivanna Yi, EALC, G6, Univ. of Chicago Vernacular Practices Conference, Chicago, IL