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Poetry@Harvard represents a vital nexus of poetry-related courses, library collections, events, organizations, publications and pedagogy at Harvard University. Poetry @ Harvard, which offers a portal to Harvard’s poetry community and to its inimitable literary resources, is a site of collaborative interchange and an ongoing experiment. It relies upon faculty and students to actively share and exchange information and ideas. Students can deepen their engagement with the poetic art form both inside the classroom and beyond, through a wide array of poetry readings on and off campus (“Poetry Calendar”), poetry organizations, literary competitions and fellowships and prizes (“The Writing Life”). Faculty can explore the “Poetry Classroom” to discover a range of innovative teaching resources.

Notable features of Poetry @ Harvard are the impressive pantheon of “Poets at Harvard,” a collection of bibliographical and biographical links to poets who have attended or taught at Harvard, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, T. S. Eliot, Elizabeth Bishop, Jean Valentine, Robert Creeley, Michael Palmer, Adrienne Rich, Lyn Hejinian, Kevin Young, Dan Chiasson and Thomas Sayers Ellis; and a series of “Fifteen-Minute Poetry Faculty Intensives,” recordings of Harvard professors including Lisa New, Edwin Cranston, Luis Cifuentes and Stephen Burt, who talk about a single poem, poet, literary issue or theory, and/or pedagogical approach that is currently of interest to them.

At Harvard, poetry is encountered in dozens of languages and these studies are enhanced by interdisciplinary offerings in translation, comparative literature, world history and the Gen Ed curriculum. The section of “Korean Poetry,” one of the five featured languages and poetries, provides unique resources for the study of translation and a selection of cutting-edge research guides from Harvard libraries. The Korean poetry page includes video clips of “Poetry Reading & Interview with David McCann, an award-winning poet, scholar, and translator” and “East Asian Studies 160: Writing Asian Poetry—On Korean Sijo.”

The site has been supported by the Dean for Arts and Humanities in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Harvard College Library, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Academic Technology Group, iCommons, and members of the faculty from departments and programs across the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


Korean Literature @ Harvard Projects News

English Sijo Event Hosted by US Ambassador Stephens
August 2, 2011


Interview with Prof. David McCann in Korea's Focus Daily Newspaper
July 25, 2011


Ewha Sijo Festival with Professor David McCann (Arirang TV News, Ewha Univ newsletter)
June 16, 2010


[JoongAng Daily] ‘파란 눈의 시조 전도사’ 데이비드 매캔 - 한국의 시인 오종문, 시조를 묻고 답하다
June 10, 2010


Sijo Festival, headed by professor David McCann, at the Sejong Cultural Society (April 9th-30th, 2010)
April 22, 2010


David McCann in the Boston Globe -- "The new haiku? Harvard professor David McCann says America is ready for sijo"
October 22, 2009


David McCann in Chosun Ilbo Oct. 6, 2009
October 22, 2009