Korean Language Program

Program Overview 
Website: http://ealc.fas.harvard.edu/korean
The Korean Language Program serves undergraduates and graduates at Harvard University, and from other universities as well. In order to respond to the diverse needs of its students and to equip them with the practical language skills necessary to function in an increasingly internationalized and competitive marketplace, the Korean Language Program continues to be committed at all levels to achieving a balance in emphasis among the four language modalities of speaking, reading, writing, and listening. In addition to coursework, most courses offer students cultural activities such as viewing authentic Korean video materials, creating and presenting their own skits, having discussions with native speakers, and taking field trips. Students are encouraged to participate in summer internships, and in overseas study programs.

About the Korean Language
Korean is a language spoken natively by the 74 million Korean people living on the Korean peninsula, including 26 million North Koreans and 48 million South Koreans, as a heritage language by 5.3 million in the United States, 0.7 million in Japan and 0.5 million in the former Soviet Union, and as a foreign language by an ever-increasing number of non-Koreans worldwide because of its overwhelming economical success since 1970s. In terms of the number of speakers, Korean is rated as the eleventh among over 3,000 languages existing on the globe.

The Korean language curriculum is arranged in a four-year sequence of courses and additional advanced courses after the four-year sequence. It has two different tracks.
Non-heritage learners' track 
Kor Ba Bb -> Kor 120a 120b -> Kor 130a 130b -> Kor 140a 140b -> Kor 150a 150b

Heritage learners' track 
Kor Bxa Bxb -> Kor 120a 120b or Kor 130a 130b -> Kor 140a 140b -> Kor 150a 150b

The determination of which track an individual student should take is made based on the individual student's needs and backgrounds and the results of the Korean Language Placement Test are important factors in this process.

Portrait photo of Hi-Sun Kim, Senior Preceptor in Korean
 Hi-Sun Kim, Senior Preceptor in Korean
 Director of the Korean Language Program
 Phone: (617) 495-5928
 Address: 5 Bryant St. #208
 Email: hisun@fas.harvard.edu

Portrait Photo of Jee Hyun Lee, Drill Instructor in Korean
 Jee Hyun Lee, Preceptor in Korean
 Address: 5 Bryant St. #304
 Phone: (617) 495-8764
Portrait Photo of Ahsil Noh, Drill Instructor in Korean
 Ahsil Noh, Preceptor in Korean
 Address: 5 Bryant St. #304
 Phone: (617) 495-8764
Language Instructors:
Hwan Hee Kim, Language Instructor in Korean  
 Hyeyoon Kwark, Language Instructor in Korean
Portrait photo of Lindsay Schaffer, Drill Instructor in Korean
 Lindsay Schaffer, Language Instructor in Korean
 Address: 5 Bryant St. #304
 Phone: (617) 495-8764