Korea Institute Graduate Conference Attendance Grants AY16-17 (Graduate)

Korea Institute Graduate Conference Attendance Grants AY16-17

The Korea Institute will provide small grants (up to $800) for Harvard graduate students in any field of Korean studies in the humanities or social sciences to help defray cost of travel, lodging and registration fees incurred during attendance at scholarly conferences where they present papers or serve as panel discussants for the Academic Year 2016-2017.

 APPLICATION PROCESS:  Please email a complete application consisting of the following:

1.   Short proposal with dates and description of conference to be attended, type of participation, and itemized budget.  Please designate other sources of funding for this proposal (if applicable).  Indicate name of faculty advisor supporting this proposal. ** In this proposal, please describe the content/arguments of your paper in one paragraph--ie: basically include an abstract, as well as, a part of this short proposal.**

 2.   Letter from faculty advisor supporting the proposal (Advisor may email support letter directly to <cglover@fas.harvard.edu>)

 3.   Curriculum vitae – include:

                          - citizenship

                           - current/permanent address, telephone number(s), email address

                           - academic department; field of study; and year of graduate study

4.     List the Conferences you have attended in the past two years, as well as, list what KI Graduate Conference Grants you have received in past years         IE: List the Conference Name, year and how much were you awarded from the KI

SUBMIT COMPLETED APPLICATION via Email to  <cglover@fas.harvard.edu

 APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Application must be made at least ONE MONTH in advance of the conference. 

Due to Harvard financial policy, to receive payment, after you return from the conference you attended, please hand in/email the KI Conference Grant Recipient Form (comes with your award letter) to Catherine Glover, CGIS S241 AND all travel receipts. Checks will be processed only after you return and by turning in the KI Grant Recipient Form which is sent along with the award letter. 

 Should your travel or conference attendance plans change, the Korea Institute reserves the right to adjust the award.

 *You may apply for only one KI Conference Attendance Grant per Academic Year*

 This award is considered taxable income. Tax Office Questions: 617-495-8500

 Contact Info: Catherine Glover, cglover@fas.harvard.edu