Reassessing Global Governance: What are the Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Implications of COVID-19?


Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 9:00am to 10:50am


Online Streaming Event (YouTube)

KF-Harvard Belfer Center Virtual Dialogue (Online Streaming Event)
KF-Harvard Belfer Center Virtual Dialogue


9:00 AM  Welcoming Remarks
Speaker: Aditi Kumar (Executive Director, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School)

9:05 AM  Opening Remarks
Speaker: Dr. Lee Geun (President, Korea Foundation)

9:10 AM  Panel 1: Geopolitical Implications
Context: In a world changed by COVID-19, leaders will have to adapt to a host of rapidly evolving challenges and opportunities. On the international level, the growing trend among leaders has been competition rather than cooperation.  What are the specific ways in which the rise of geopolitics will impact global governance during the new normal of co-existing with COVID-19? What is the role of national actors in this new normal?

Moderator: Dr. John Park (Director, Korea Project, Harvard Kennedy School)
Speakers: Professor Joseph Nye, Jr. (University Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School); Professor Yoon Young-kwan (Former ROK Minister of Foreign Affairs; Professor of International Relations Emeritus, Seoul National University)

9:30 AM  Q&A

10:00 AM  Panel 2: Geoeconomic Implications
Context: To flatten the curve and tame the global spread of COVID-19, national authorities like the U.S. government have implemented what economist Jason Furman has called “a medically induced coma” of their economies. How will leaders balance public health goals with the need to restart their economies? What are the main geoeconomic implications of national actors operating in a global environment lacking robust cooperation and economic policy coordination?

Moderator: Dr. John Park (Director, Korea Project, Harvard Kennedy School)

Speakers: Professor Lee Jaemin (Professor of International Law, School of Law, Seoul National University); Dr. Christopher Smart (Chief Global Strategist and Head of the Barings Investment Institute; Former Special Assistant to the President at the National Economic Council)

10:20 AM  Q&A

10:50 AM  Adjourn

The Korea Project acknowledges the generous support of the Korea Foundation for this event.