"Korea Reborn" Film Series


Monday, February 4, 2013, 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Harvard Film Archive, 24 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138


To The Starry Island (1993, Park Kwang-su)

Monday, February 4th 7pm

NORTHWEST BUILDING B103 – Special 35mm Film Screening


Frontline (2011, Jang Hun)

Monday, February 11th 7pm


A Flower In Hell (1958, Shin Sang-ok)

Monday, February 18th 7pm


Aimless Bullet (1961, Yu Hyon-mok)

Monday, February 25th 7pm


The Coachman (1961, Kang Dae-jin)

Monday, March 4th 7pm


The March of Fools (1975, Ha Kil-jong)

Monday, March 11th 7pm


Yeong-ja’s Heydays (1975, Kim Ho-sun)

Monday, March 25th 7pm


The President’s Last Bang (2005, Im Sang-su)

Monday, April 1 7pm


Lee Jang-Ho Retrospective at the Harvard Film Archive – Carpenter Center 

April 13th 7pm The Man with Three Coffins, Lee Jang-Ho in person

April 14th 7pm Euodong, 1985 Lee Jang-Ho in person

April 15th 7pm Good Windy Day, 1980, Lee Jang-Ho in person


Good Windy Day, (1980, Lee Jang-Ho)

Monday, April 23th 7pm

NORTHWEST BUILDING B103 -Special 35mm Film Screening


Wedding Campaign (2005, Hwan Byeong-guk)

Monday, April 29th 7pm Carpenter Center