Japanese Diplomacy Today: Challenges and Opportunities


Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 12:30pm to 2:00pm


Bowie-Vernon Conference Room (K262), CGIS Knafel Building, 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Program on U.S.-Japan Relations Seminar

"Institutional Change and Japanese Politics"

Tomohito Shinoda, Professor, International University of Japan

Professor Shinoda is a leading scholar of Japanese politics, Japanese foreign and national security policymaking, and U.S.-Japan relations. His recent books include: Contemporary Japanese Politics: Institutional Changes and Power Shift (Columbia UP, forthcoming); Nichi-Bei Domei-toiu Riarizumu [Emerging Realism of the Japan-U.S. Alliance] (Chikura Shobo 2007); Koizumi Diplomacy: Japan’s Kantei Approach in Foreign and Defense Affairs (University of Washington Press, 2007); Reisengo no Nihon Gaiko: Anzenhosho Seisaku no Kokunai Seiji Katei [Post Cold-war Japanese Foreign Policy: Domestic Political Process in National Security Policy Making] (Minerva Shobo, 2006), which won the “The Best Publication of the Year Award” from the Japan Association for International Security; and Leading Japan: The Role of the Prime Minister (Praeger, 2000). His articles have appeared in publications such as Asian Survey, Japanese Journal of Political ScienceJapan Forum, SAIS Review, and Leviathan, and in numerous edited volumes.


"Prospects for ROK-Japan Relations"

Woonjin Jeong, Associate, Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, Harvard University; Former Director, Japan Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea

Mr. Jeong earned his B.A. in International Relations from Yonsei University and M.A. in International Relations from the University of Virginia. He served as the Director of the Japan Division (2011), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Assistant Secretary to the President for Foreign Affairs, President’s Office (2010). His previous positions have included Director, Innovation and Management Division; and Director General, Foreign Affairs Bureau, Presidential Council for Future and Vision. He was also a visiting fellow at Keio University in 1999. Mr. Jeong’s research at Harvard has focused on Korea-Japan-U.S. Relations and Northeast Asian security.

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