East Asian Studies Senior Thesis Colloquium


Thursday, February 7, 2013, 11:00am to 3:00pm


Common Room, 2 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

11:10-11:25                    Sandy XU (Advisor: Nara Dillon; Tutor: Liang Xu)

Higher Education Reform in China through the Experiences of the Class of 1977


11:25-11:40                    Lucia CARVER (Advisor: Tomiko Yoda; Tutor: Andrew Campana)

On Being a Lesbian: The work of Kakefuda Hiroko, the Japanese Lesbian Community, and Contemporary Queer Youth in Japan


11:40-11:55                    Jade LUO (Advisor: Merry White, Tutor: Neal Akatsuka)

Kizuna After 3/11: Community Development and Recovery in Ishinomaki


Lunch Break (12:00-1:00)


1:00-1:15                          Devin BEAN (Advisor: Peter Bol; Tutor: Ian Miller)

Breaking the State-Society Paradigm since the Cultural Revolution: A Broad Survey of Trends in Chinese Genealogies, 1977-2010


1:15-1:30                          Adam MITCHELL (Advisors: Peter Bol & Michael Szonyi; Tutor: Ian Miller)

Conceptions of Late Imperial Development


1:30-1:45                          Kelly O’GRADY (Advisor: David Wang; Tutor: Chen Jingling)

The Many Facets of Censorship in Modern China: An Examination of a Film Director's Negotiation between Restriction and Impact


1:45-2:00                          Jennifer FAN (Advisor: David Wang; Tutor: Chen Jingling)

The Mystification and Demystification of Stephen Chow


Coffee Break (2:00-2:15)


2:15-2:30                          Chelsea CARLSON (Advisor: Sun Joo Kim; Tutor: John Lee)

Complications and Corrections: Historiography and Korean Women's Activism during the Colonial Period (1910 - 1945)


2:30-2:45                          Lila NIEVES-LEE (Advisor: Mark Byington; Tutor: Nuri Kim)

A Reversal of Influence: The Rising Power of Korea


2:45-3:00                          Justine CHENG (Advisor: Shigehisa Kuriyama; Tutor: Yan Liu)

Understanding the Concept of Acupoint from Historical Analysis and Scientific Experimentation