CrossAsia Integrated Textrepository Workshop


Monday, June 14, 2021, 10:00am to 11:00am


Online Event (Zoom)

East Asian Digital Scholarship Series


Brent Hou-Ieong HO, East Asia Department, Berlin State Library (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)


At the April meeting of the East Asian Digital Scholarship Series, Matthias Kaun, director of Berlin State Library’s East Asia Department, introduced the CrossAsia platform ( to our audience. The CrossAsia Integrated Textrepository (ITR) currently archives about 355,000 titles with 54.2 million pages of textual resources of East Asian research materials in various languages. Building on top of these resources, CrossAsia provides a set of DH services for exploring and visualizing the large collections, including two modes of full text searches, an N-gram service, and an exploration service. The ITR Explorer allows users to compare search results produced by different combinations of keywords using SET operations (AND - Intersection, OR – Union and NOT - Subtraction). Users can then visualize the overlaps and differences of the search results, and in terms of their distributions over time, to understand how the keywords are jointly, complementarily, or uniquely represented in the collections and their interrelations.


In the EADS June workshop, Dr. Brent Ho, one of the developers behind the DH services of the CrossAsia platform, will briefly talk about the ITR infrastructure and will demonstrate how to use the ITR services to bring new insights and perspectives to your research. East Asian researchers and librarians are welcomed to this workshop.


The East Asian Digital Scholarship Series, initiated by James Cheng and founded by Feng-en Tu and Sharon Yang, has been a monthly luncheon at Harvard-Yenching Library. This year, the Series will be conducted remotely and is sponsored by Harvard-Yenching Library with the support of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, and Korea Institute. The Series will cover a wide range of topics in East Asian digital scholarship.

The webinar will be conducted via Zoom. Participants will be required to register at