Opportunities in Korean Studies

Opportunitysort icon Date Posted Date of Deadline
Asia Center Graduate Summer Research Grants (For Multiple Country/Comparative Projects) 08.04.14 02.13.15
Asia Center Undergraduate Summer Research Grants (For Multiple Country/Comparative Projects) 10.08.13 02.09.15
AY 14-15 Undergraduate & Graduate Courses Given by Korea Institute Related Faculty 08.13.14
Harvard College Korea Summer Internship Program (Undergraduate) 01.20.10 02.09.15
Harvard Summer School Program in Seoul 2015 (Undergraduate) 09.27.13 01.29.15 (All day)
IOP Director's Internship at the National Assembly, South Korea (Undergraduate) 12.08.09 02.01.15
KI Term Time Funding for Korea 04.06.11
Korea Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowships (Graduate) 04.26.10 01.15.15
Korea Institute Undergraduate Summer Language Study Grants at Ewha (Undergraduate) 10.07.13 02.09.15
Korea Institute Dissertation Completion Fellowships (Graduate) 11.23.09 02.13.15
Korea Institute Graduate Conference Attendance Grants AY14-15 (Graduate) 04.27.11
Korea Institute Graduate Summer Language Study Grants (Graduate) 10.07.13 02.13.15
Korea Institute Scholarships for the Harvard Summer School-Korea Program (Undergraduate) 12.10.09 01.29.15
Korea Institute Summer Research Travel Grants (Undergraduate) 12.11.09 02.09.15
Korea Institute Supplementary Research Dissertation Grants for AY15-16 (Graduate) 09.01.11 02.13.15
Korea Institute, LG Yonam Foundation Graduate Summer Research Travel Grants (Graduate) 01.19.10 02.13.15
Office Space in the Korea Institute for Doctoral Students (GSA's) AY15-16 (Graduate) 10.13.09 04.30.15
Soon Young Kim Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Korean Studies (Graduate) 11.19.12 01.05.15
Student Organization Grants (Undergraduate and Graduate) 08.20.09
The International Communication Foundation (ICF) Graduate Student Fellowships in Korean Literature at the Korea Institute (Graduate) 04.07.10 02.13.15